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As technology advances, hardware becomes faster and “turns over” more frequently. We are seeing an epidemic in our environment because people are not disposing of their E- waste properly.

Only 15 percent of E – waste is recycled properly around the world. This epidemic causes pollution in our landfill and reduces our chances of creating a sustainable planet. 

Caegis Solutions encourages all organizations to change their recycling practices whether you are with a small business, medical institution, educational institution, government agency or a Fortune 500 company. We can help your business make an impact on our environment with our IT Asset Management, Hard drive shredding and electronic recycling services.

 Caegis Solutions is committed to create a solution for organizations to dispose of their E- waste properly. We ensure secure IT decommissioning, data sanitation services, and sustainable recycling procedures. 

Our Solutions

Electronic Recycling

When it comes to discarding out-of-service and obsolete electronics, it is essential for you to have safeguards in place to avoid improper disposal methods.

Media Sanitization & Hard Drive Shredding

Our Data Destruction Program meets all NIST-800-88r1, NSA guidelines, and NAID guidelines. We do hard drive data sanitization, shredding, magnetic media.

IT Asset Management & Disposition

We can provide a value add-on for our clients, providing you with an investment return on your IT equipment. We evaluate electronics for possible resale, wipe the data from them.

Data Center

Companies are currently downsizing, consolidating their data center infrastructure, or migrating everything over to the cloud. This takes extensive planning and coordinating.

Reverse Logistics & Redeployment

We can assist original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and retailers with repairing and recycling of defective electronics and customer

Asset Purchasing & Profit Sharing Program

We give our clients a
maximum return on investment
(ROI) by placing a premium on efficiency and
cutting-edge technology.

Our Mission

To protect our environment and serve our clients by educating and providing the absolute best service with integrity and ethics. Making the commitment to excellence.

As technology advances and creates newer, more efficient methods of doing everything from educating our children to conducting international business, technology hardware becomes obsolete faster and “turns over” more frequently. Expecting to generate 49.8 million tons worldwide this year. Some may see this as a problem. Let us be your solution.

Providing a Secure and Compliant Solution while also helping to protect our Environment. Whether you are with a Small Business, Medical Institution, Educational Institution, Government Agency or a Fortune 500 company. Caegis Solutions is your answer for IT Asset Management, Destruction and e-Cycling needs.

Our Core Values

Caegis Solutions was founded on the guiding principles that people value. Doing business honestly and with integrity. The right way of doing business .That’s the Caegis way.

  • We are committed to Excellence.
  • We work as a team, supportive of each other’s efforts.
  • We strive on delivering ahead of schedule.
  • We take accountability and ownership on everything we do.
  • We maintain the drive, and constantly want to improve.
  • We are committed to Environmental stewardship.
  • We are committed to our clients and providing the absolute best service.

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