Data Center

Decommissioning | Redeployment
At some point any business which relies on the safety of its data will require to downsize, upgrade or re-locate and re-deploy its data center in order to consolidate data or simply decommission and migrate to a cloud based server.

This extensive process requires detailed planning and coordination involving multiple vendors to handle all the different components of the process. Whether you are re-locating to a different state or simply recycling access assets Caegis Solutions will assist you with customized plan to manage and coordinate your transition in a completely secure, timely and professional manner.

Fully customizable solutions designed to meet the specific needs for the de-install and removal of IT assets in a fully documented process

End-of-life equipment scheduled for decommission, lease expiration equipment, and legacy equipment in storage awaiting final disposition

Full logistics service for any IT asset, secured shipments, specialized packing for sensitive electronics.

Track record of successful Data Center and Office decommissions, lease returns, secure data disposals, and secure equipment disposals for facilities, large and small

Responsible e-waste disposal

Wall-to-wall inventory and asset tag process and inventory reconciliation services available for any item in a Data Center

Cable recovery (harvesting) and structure cable removal

Data Center and Office environments: Infrastructure removal and reinstatement, including old racks, raised floors, cable trays and conduits, cages, patch panels, and any other infrastructure

Relocation, removal and/or disposal of Assets such ( Server Racks, Servers, PC’s, printers, monitors, peripherals, and mobile phones/tablets )

Removal and disposal of UPS batteries and systems, air-handlers, chillers, and PDU’s

Secure Decommissioning

Our media, data Sanitization and Hard Drive Shredding process conforms with the highest methods of data destruction , conforming with National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)-800-88r1, National Security Agency (NSA), National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and DOD guidelines.

Responsible Recycling

All electronic material at our facility is processed responsibly. Our Certificates of Recycling and Data Sanitization conform and comply with federal, state and local laws with the highest standards in the industry.

Complete Chain-of-Custody

We transport excess IT assets from your location to our secure facility. We guarantee proper chain-of-custody, providing security from cradle to grave. Our secure transport vehicles are GPS-tracked to provide full accountability.

Verifiable Audit Trail

We understand the importance of managing our clients inventory and ensuring that every asset is accurately accounted for throughout the process. We provide inventory scanning and verification of IT assets and media through Asset Audit reports.