At Caegis Solutions, we offer full scale data infrastructure solutions for your business or data center. From structured cabling, termination, testing and pathways installation to network setup and configuration. Call us today for your next low voltage project.


We offer professional cabling solutions. Whether you need us to simply run cable or install a server room with multiple switches and ingrate a system, our certified and experienced technicians will perform all the necessary tasks to get you connected and ready to go.


Our technicians will help you install, configure and integrate your electronic system within your business operation. Whether its a wifi mesh or a surveillance system, you can count on our experienced technicians will to install, troubleshoot and support your digital network.

Data Center Decommissioning Services


Downsizing? Relocating? No problem!
With our Office space and data center decommissioning solutions we can help you relocate, liquidate, dispose of or recycle your office furniture and electronics.

How We Do It

| Step1


After a survey, we work closely with you to determine the most efficient and cost effective solution to fulfill your networking needs while meeting your budget. We take in consideration space, accessibility, safety, shortest and best routes to server destination, organized wire management and most importantly a solid connection.

| Step 2

Pathways & Conduits

We locate the best bath for your wires and build conduits and hooks to run your cables in efficiently using neat wire management solutions.

| Step 3

Testing & Integration

After we perform a certified connection test, we more on to integrating your devices with the network and make sure the system performs as intended.

Let's talk today and take the first step towards wiring your place of business.