IT Asset Management and Disposition

End-of-life electronics can hold more value than you think.

We use the word recovery a lot when it comes to value return. When talking retired IT assets, there are 2 different processes we use to maximize value recovery: one for refurbished gear and parts, and one for raw material. Parts Recovery involves salvaging functioning components from otherwise non-working electronics and using them to create a whole new product. This product can then be given another life on the secondary market. Raw Materials Recovery refers to plastics, glass, and precious metals that can be sold back to manufacturers for the reproduction, thus reducing waste and the need for raw materials mining. This process returns even more value to customers.

Parts Harvesting

We maintain a team of expert technicians who maximize the value recovered from your IT assets. We believe that, whenever possible, recovery is the best environmental solution for end-of-life electronic equipment that contain reusable components. We first test equipment to determine functionality and reusability. We then perform complete data sanitization on all data containing components. By reusing parts and re-marketing whole products, we maximize the return on your IT assets and provide new value for old products.

IT Asset Purchasing & Profit Sharing Program

There is a good chance many of your electronic and IT assets that are out of production, or coming off-line, may still hold significant resale value. The staff at Caegis Solutions are experts at refurbishing and remarketing equipment for re-distribution, turning what was once a cost, into additional revenue.

Secure Media Data Sanitization & Hard Drive Shredding

Our Media Sanitization and HDD Shredding processes use the most up-to-date and secure methods of data destruction compliant with The National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88, The National Security Agency (NSA), and DOD guidelines. We maintain full chain-of-custody throughout the process and offer multiple methods of data destruction to meet our clients’ varying needs.

Responsible Recycling

All electronic material at our facility is processed responsibly. Our Certificates of Recycling and Data Sanitization conform and comply with the highest standards in the industry, as well as all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Complete Chain-of-Custody

Transparent and verifiable, we guarantee proper chain-of-custody, providing security from cradle to grave. Our secure transport vehicles have internal CCTV monitoring abilities and are GPS-tracked to provide full transparency and accountability.

Verifiable Audit Trail

We understand the importance of managing our clients’ inventory and ensuring that every asset is accurately accounted for throughout the process. We provide inventory scanning and verification of IT assets and media through Asset Audit reports.