IT Asset Purchasing & Profit Sharing Program

Maximizing our clients return on their IT asset investment. while minimizing your cost.

IT Asset Purchasing & Maximum Return on Investment100%

We give our clients a maximum return on investment (ROI) by placing a premium on efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Our Process

IT Asset & Profit Sharing Program
  • Provide your Contact information on link or contact us page.
  • Our IT Asset purchaser will get back within 1 business day.
  • Provide an inventory list of Material if not available we can perform inventory.
  • Coordinate pick up of assets with Purchaser.
  • Items are evaluated and graded and labeled.
  • Items are wiped for any data and then tested, Refurbished, Repaired or recycled.
  • Items are inputted into our inventory system.
  • Items are sold utilizing multiple sales channels.
  • Audit breakdown along with prices is sent to client along with Certificate of Data Sanitization and recycling.
  • Payment is made 45 days from receipt of equipment.

Complete Chain-of-Custody

We arrange shipment of assets from our clients’ site to our secure location. We also guarantee secure chain-of-custody, providing security from cradle to grave. Finally, our secure transport vehicles our equipped with GPS-tracking devices enabling us to provide full accountability.